Privacy Statement

As a business whose pillars of operations comprise platform solutions for smartphones and content services like social games, Acrodea, Inc. ("The Company") considers the careful handling of the personal information transacted in all operations and the personal information of employees, and the protection of individual rights and benefits as an important social responsibility.
The Company has devised its personal information protection management system in compliance with the Japan Industrial Standard "Personal Information Protection Management System-Requirements" (JIS Q 15001), and is committed to the appropriate protection of personal information that takes into account the detail and scale of the Company's operations.

  • In acquiring and using personal information, the Company shall specify the purposes of usage, and not transact personal information beyond the necessary scope of achieving the specified purposes of usage (usage beyond purpose). Appropriate controls shall be instituted to deny usage beyond purpose.
  • When consent of the individual has been obtained, the Company shall not furnish the acquired personal information to a third party unless according to the law.
  • The Company complies with the laws, guidelines established by the Government, and other rules concerning the handling of personal information.
  • In order to manage personal information appropriately, the Company institutes organizational, human, physical, and technical safe management measures, and commits to prevention of leakage, loss, impairment, etc., of personal information and security improvements.
  • When any complaint or consultation regarding the transaction of personal information is received, the Company shall promptly investigate evidence of such details, and respond in good faith within a reasonable period of time.
  • Reflecting changes in social climate and environment, the Company shall continually review and improve its personal information protection management system.

Established: June 10, 2008
Revised: June 23, 2015
Junya Tsutsumi, Representative Director and President
Acrodea, Inc.

Inquiries About Privacy Statement

For any comments or questions about this Privacy Statement, please contact Acrodea as described below.

  • Customer Support at Acrodea, Inc.
  • TEL:03-4405-5460 FAX:03-4405-6048
  • Email
  • Privacy mark certification.
  • PrivacyMark

Personal Information Handled by Acrodea

The Company engages in the appropriate safeguarding of personal information, based on its Privacy Statement. The following describes matters regarding personal information acquired or held by the Company for usage in its business operations.

(1) Name of Business Handling Personal Information

Acrodea, Inc.
Daisan Yamada Bldg., 22 Aizumi-cho, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 160-0005, Japan

(2) Manager of Personal Information and Contact Information

Manager Responsible for Personal Information Safeguards: Yoshio Kuniyoshi, Executive Vice President
Phone:03-4405-5460 FAX:03-4405-6048

(3) Purpose of Using Personal Information

The purposes for using the personal information acquired or held in the course of the Company's business activities are as follows:

Purpose of Using Personal Information Subject to Disclosure
  • Customer personal information: Advisement about the business, sending information, communications within the business, aftermarket care.
  • Personal information of hiring applicants: Hiring selection and procedures, providing information, and associated communications within the business.
  • Employee personal information: Management of work, placement, and compensation; filings for benefits and welfare, public agencies.
  • Complaints, consultations, inquiries: Response to complaints, consultation requests, inquiries, requests for disclosure, etc.
    Other purposes of using such information shall be provided separately in writing.
Purpose of Using Personal Information Acquired By Means Other Than Direct Documentation
  • Personal information provided by telephone: Processing necessary matters as a consequence of an application made or consultation.
  • Video information taken by camera: Managing safety and security within, and entry or egress to, the premises of the Company.
  • Information on deposit from contract originators: Executing contracted services within the range of the specified purposes of usage.
  • Personal information provided by recruitment firms: Hiring selection, providing information, and associated communications within the business.
(4) Contact for Inquiries About Personal Information
  • Complaints, consultations about handling of personal information:
    TEL:03-4405-5460 FAX: 03-4405-6048
  • Requests for Disclosure of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure:
    TEL:03-4405-5460 FAX:03-4405-6048
(5) Name of Authorized Personal Information Protection Organization with Affiliation and Contact for Complaint Resolution

The Company is currently not affiliated with any authorized personal information protection organization.

(6) Procedure for Responding to Requests for Disclosure of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure

For personal information subject to disclosure from which an individual can identify oneself, inquiries to request notification of usage purpose, disclosure, correction of details, addition or deletion, stopping usage, erasure, or stopping providing to a third party (collectively "disclosure or the like") maybe directed to the contact for "Requests for Disclosure of Personal Information Subject to Disclosure" above for Acrodea.
The Company will send a form (an application to request disclosure or the like) to be submitted for the request for disclosure. To submit the application, please fill out the necessary items in the application form, and attach documents that confirm your identity as the applicant.